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FAITHLORN, PUB 20 days in England seulement
Alyona Merinova : Je vous propose un RP pour que l'on se présente tous et toutes. Ca va nous permettre de nous intégrer plus facilement je pense. Et puis, on n'a pas encore de RP entre nous c'est dommage. Je vous attends toutes et tous !

A break in the public garden 4 joueurs maximum autorisés
Audrey Duval : Je vous propose un petit moment de détente dans le parc après ma journée de travail. Je suis actuellement en train d'observer la nature qui m'entoute depuis le banc où j'ai pris place. Colton B. Turcotte m'a rejoint. Il reste donc deux places disponibles si vous le souhaitez. Ce n'est pas réservé qu'aux francophones!

Si tu as créé un RP libre et qu'il est sans réponse, tu peux cliquer ici: Proposer un RP.
Pense également à nous prévenir quand ton RP a suffisamment de joueurs.

✈ 20 Days in England

Accès dès ta validation
C'est le groupe incontournable où tous les membres seront obligés de passer au moins une fois. Tu seras ajouté à ce groupe dès ta validation. Il te donnera accès à la zone pour RP suivante: « The First Place where I was living », c'est-à-dire le village de Faithlorn et ses alentours ainsi que la partie « A Votre Arrivée » dans la catégorie « My Second Destination - Manchester ». En étant dans ce groupe, tu seras placé dans une famille d'accueil qui sera là pour te faire découvrir les joies de la vie anglaise. L'idée est de t'intégrer petit-à-petit à la vie britanique ainsi qu'à la langue de Shakespeare en jeu.    

✣ 6 Months among Us

Accès à partir d'1 RP terminé
Tu as déjà passé un peu de temps à Faithlorn et la campagne anglaise n'a plus de secret pour toi. Ton arrivée et ton intégration dans la vie des britaniques se sont bien passées et il est temps pour toi de voler de tes propres ailes. Direction donc ta seconde destination, la ville de Manchester, où tu pourras commencer ta nouvelle vie (suivre des études, exercer un métier ...). Ton entrée dans ce groupe t'ouvrira la totalité de la catégorie RP « My Second Destination - Manchester ». Bien sûr tu gardes les accès précédents et contact avec ta famille d'accueil si tu le souhaites.   

๑۩๑ Almost British

Accès dès 4 RP terminés
Bravo ! Tu as fait tes preuves en tant que nouveau citoyen anglais (enfin si on peut dire car tu n'as pas encore la nationalité anglaise mais ça ne saurait tarder). Aujourd'hui la langue et la civilisation anglaises n'ont plus de secret pour toi. Il te reste un rien d'accent mais cela fait tout ton charme auprès des britaniques. Il est temps pour toi de découvrir une nouvelle partie de l'Angleterre que tu n'as pas encore eu l'occasion de visiter, Londres. Ton arrivée dans ce groupe te permet maintenant de pouvoir RP dans la catégorie « My Third Destination - London & Anywhere ». Tu vas pouvoir maintenant retourner dans ton pays natal mais pas seulement puisque tu pourras aussi découvrir le monde et voyager en Angleterre. Comme précédemment, tu continues à avoir accès aux lieux qui t'ont été ouverts.

☂ God save the Queen

Test RP ou achat de la Carte d'identité
C'est le groupe de tous les personnages ayant la nationalité anglaise. Rappel: Il ne vous ai pas permis lors de votre inscription de créer ce type de personnage (hors dérogation après test RP de votre niveau d'anglais). Seuls les personnages ayant obtenu la nationalité anglaise après être passés par le groupe « Almost British » et les multicomptes sont autorisés à faire parti de ce groupe. Il vous donne accès à toutes les catégories pour RP. A savoir: vous pouvez créer un personnage qui sera famille d'accueil pour aider un nouveau membre lors de son arrivée en Angleterre.

Sarah Delaware

Lyov Vassilieff

Koon Lee Lyn
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Faithlorn, English learning RPG for beginners

Welcome & Bienvenue sur Faithlorn cher Invité
We're currently in April 2016 into the game.
Nous sommes actuellement en Avril 2016 dans le jeu.

Come on and sing { Pv : Grace
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Dear Diary

Lun 12 Sep - 18:57

Friday night.

There were always some animation in the pub. From the moment I was ready - not just aloud no - to drink, this pub was my refuge. It was some kind of sanctuary to me. It was the place where I could go when I didn't want to stay at my mother's house. Even though I'm trying to be more social, sometimes I needed to be alone. Sometimes it had to be myself and I. No matter what people could think about me and my behavior.

So tonight I was at one of my favorite place. I found some old friends again and chatted with them like the old times. Then, coming from the back of my head it seemed, I heard someone asking me to play.

_ Maybe a little private concert, mate.

I sighed but I was still happy to play. I took my pint and climbed onto the improvised stage. I took the guitar that I was given and began to play. I had to admit that I could feel some kind of stress. My voice seemed to quiver but I went on and on, from a song to another. Between two songs, I would take a sip of my beer and try to see the faces. But the spots were too strong in front of me.

When I finished, I put the guitar back on its socle. I could heard some applause and was shyly smiling. I was not used to be at the center of the attention. But I had to admit that it was quite thrilling. I went back to the place I was at first and was surprised to see a pretty blond girl.

Are you a fan waiting for an autograph ?

I asked normally even though I didn't think a word of what I was asking her. She was pretty and I just wanted to chat with her, despite the fact that I was looking for solitude when I arrived here.
Piichou (c) 2015 -
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Dear Diary

Lun 12 Sep - 23:39

Come on and sing!
Maxim & Grace

Once again, it was just going to be another of those silly friday night. Dinner with my grand-father and my mother at the restaurant of the familial company, two or three glasses of the same expensive red wine. Then, as usual, my mother would kiss me good night while my grandpa would only wish me sweet dreams, without even planning any physical contact with her own grand-daughter. And once again, while I would be perfectly playing the whole masquerad that would be going on, I would also be far away from Faithlorn.
My biggest passion in life has always been arts in general. But this passion became stronger when I discovered piano and far much deeper when I joined the high school's female choir. I was in love with all those voices. And I also learned to sing better. My mother had forbidden me to have a special teacher and when she discovered that I was such an involved member of the choir, she even decided that it was great time enough for me to learn what were the "real matters" in life. Understand, maths and sciences. Understand, she wanted me to be her perfect reflection. I was a heir, the unique one. She wanted me at the head of the company, not as the artistic one of the family.
This is the reason why I ran away from the posh Scottish high school during nearly two days. The night I spent singing in a bar in the subburbs was now for me the memory that I cherished. It helped me to bear the daily routine as a rich girl, obbeying to my parents, looking as good as gold. But inside of me, the fire of my passion was still burning and I flew away in my mind to the musicals in the East End.
When grandpa finally told me his traditional wishes, something changed within me. I decided to make a little rebellion in the village where they all were watching and wontrolling me.

- I think I need some fresh air, I just said, leaving them completely surprised.

My mother, more beautiful and classy than ever stopped me with her authoritarian tone, which always sounded so haughty.

- You are not going anywhere, young lady. It's already dark outside and you need to sleep before your work in the company, tomorrow.

I turned over, a big fake smile on my face.

-Oh, Mummy, what were you thinking about? I was talking about walking back home. It's so near from the company. Maybe I could even see Daddy leaving the townshall, by the way.

My mother nodded, agreeing with the last fact. Even though my parents were divorced, they always agreed about my concerns. I needed a father and a mother.

Of course, I never walked in the direction of the townshall. I was wearing my preppy clothes with a classic purple headband, which weren't really the kind of things you would wear to go out on a friday night. But however, I decided to go in the first pub I saw. A man was standing with a guitar on the stage and was playing different songs I all knew by heart. The man accompanied himself by simple guitar chords but I really loved his deep voice.
I would have loved to work with such people. Maybe he was one of those new singer, on holiday in his familial cottage. He looked like a pro.
At the end of the perfomance, I walked in the direction of the place he was going to, smiling at him. The singer finally looked at me.

- Are you a fan waiting for an autograph ?

I spontaneously laughed out loud.

- Are you supposed to be a famous star? I answered. I am not waiting for any autograph, though I could easily become one of your voice's fan. Great work, Sir.

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Dear Diary

Mar 13 Sep - 23:34

The blond was petty, a bit young maybe, but pretty. My beer in one hand, she laughed when I asked if she wanted an autograph. I might have been upset but I was the first to initiate the little joke. Then she complimented me and if I could, I might have blushed. I scratched the back of my head, showing my being embarrassed a little.

Thank you blondie, I didn’t know her name, but it wasn’t my best performance, you should hear me sing Britney Spears.

I laughed a bit at my joke and made a movement of the head, showing her the table.

May I offer you a drink ?

I sat before she could answer, hoping she would join me. I was keen having a little company tonight, especially with such a lovely lady. She seemed to not be at her place in such a pub but she was surely the prettiest girl here. I waited for the waiter to come by and ordered what the lady wanted to drink. I took a sip of my own and looked at her.

I’m Max by the way, the best singer Faithlorn can find, I giggled.

The pub was one of the last to allow its customers to smoke inside. It was the charm of little cities. I took out a cigarett and lit it. The thick smoke crawled into my throat and dazed me. It felt good. Even though I was smoking a lot, every day since I was 16, it always felt this way.

So, what brings a little girl like you around here ? If you wanted to meet a rich and handsome guy to marry, I’m really sorry to disappoint you, I smiled at my stupidity.

I was a lonesome wolf but I was easily chatting with people. Especially after a drink or two.
Piichou (c) 2015 -
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Dear Diary

Mer 14 Sep - 0:26

Come on and sing!
Maxim & Grace

The singer I was starring at was now laughing, looking a little bit embarrassed.

- Thank you blondie, but it wasn’t my best performance, you should hear me sing Britney Spears.

The fact that he talked without using my name, even though the majority of the inhabitants knew who I am made him immediately even more interresting to my eyes.
He wasn't even reffering to my outfit to describe me first. I smiled when he mentionned Britney, imagining him as a sexy pupil in one of those American high-school, as in on of her famous clip. But he was clearly far from being a teenager. Those years were surely far from him. But though he looked older than me, I was still fascinated by his voice. The voice of a good singer nearly never gets older.
He proposed to give me a drink, which wasn't exatcly the reason I came for. But I finally decided that a glass Sangria wouldn't do me no good. After a few sips of my beverage, I felt my head bruising, which was a clear signal that I was a girl olnly used to ocasionnal wine or beers without any alcohool. And all of this made me think about the night in the Scottish bars, when I sang while drinking for the first time. A bit alcohool just gave me enough courage to be who I wanted to.

- I’m Max by the way, the best singer Faithlorn can find. So, what brings a little girl like you around here ? If you wanted to meet a rich and handsome guy to marry, I’m really sorry to disappoint you.

I smiled him back with the kind of daring glance I wouldn't normally have had. Taking the cigarette he had just lit, I whispered:

- Smoking is definitely bad.

And with those words, I inhaled deep the smoke, which luckily didn't even made me caugh.

- Perhaps a little girl could be a rival for you, best singer of Faithlorn. And perhaps she doesn't want of one of those silly fellows. And...

I stopped, blushing a bit but alcohool was still acting:

- Perhaps bad boys who sing can be handsome too.

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Dear Diary

Mer 14 Sep - 23:22

She finally sat in front of me and ordered a Sangria. No doubt she was not at a place here. But I was curious. The waiter came back quickly to bring her beverage and left us alone. He looked at us curiously then left back to another table. The pub wasn’t full but the atmosphere was one of those old pubs you could find all over England. We all knew each other, had some drinks together. Sometimes one would buy for all the others. However, it was curious that I didn’t know blondie.

She took a sip of her drink then allowed herself to take the cigaret I had. I left an eyebrow and let her smoke on it. A soft smile appeared on my lips. That was an attitude of a very unconscious girl. She could have met a very dangerous and reckless guy but had still accepted to have a drink with him. I was even more curious. Who was she ?

Indeed it’s bad, I simply answered.

She still hadn’t given me her name, but I didn’t really care. I wanted to know who she was inside, what she was capable of, what her dreams were. Yeah, I think I’ve had enough for tonight. I took a look at my own beer and took a long sip of it. It wasn’t cold anymore. I frowned at it and looked back at the blond.

If you’re such a good singer, I demand proves. You have a stage here, and I can play the guitar if you want to.

I made a movement of the head to show her the stage I was on a few minutes ago. Playing the guitar was way easier to me than singing. Thus I’ve already had my own fan obviously. I didn’t noticed about her compliment. I was used to it. I used to be famous and followed by a lot of promiscuous groupies.

Come on, the song you want… And I promise no one will ever shout you down, I winked.
Piichou (c) 2015 -
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Dear Diary

Jeu 15 Sep - 14:55

Come on and sing!
Maxim & Grace

The unknown guy I was sharing a glass with didn't noticed the last sentence. Maybe some pride or just because he was, as I already thought, one of those heartbreakers, dangerous for young ladies but still attractive as the wolf was for the Red Ridding Hood.
He had a funny kind of glance in the direction of the stage.

-If you’re such a good singer, I demand proves. You have a stage here, and I can play the guitar if you want to.Come on, the song you want… And I promise no one will ever shout you down.

Even though a little bit alcohool had helped me to be braver, I was really terrified and excited at the same time. Not especially because of the performance. But here, in Faithlorn, nearly everyone knew who I was. The Boyd's family heir and the next mayor's daughter. It wasn't a good idea to be seen singing in a pub, half-drunk in the late hours. However, I was very excited too. I've already sung and performed in front of people but something was different here. I had a stage, waiting for me and this singer, just sitting in front of me, would perhaps appreciate me for what I really was. When I sing, no more doubts : I am who I was always meant to be.
I tried to look confident and professional, which wasn't that complicated because I was used to play this role in the great theatre that was my entire life.

Gracie, it's now or never. Live dangerous, just once. Take risks, be vulnerable, be brave and sing.

I smiled at the artist and gave him his cigarette back. I still had no idea about who he was but we were singers, performers, wild artists, even though my apparence was far from reflecting my soul. Thus, it didn't matter.
I first thought about all the Broadway songs I knew but we were in a pub and he had a guitar, which wasn't exactly adapted to sing "Les Miz" or "Wicked".

- I would love to sing Pink's "Perfect". I...I have a pic of the tablature, if you want . It's in G major.

This song wasn't a random chosen one. It was about what I lived, the words were meaningful to me. We both jumped on the stage.

No matters what I was wearing or how I looked. Once I was on the stage, in front of them, I was transfigured. Completely another girl. The words I pronouced even sounded foreign to me.

-Good evening, Faithlorn. I am Grey and have the honnor to sing with a brilliant artist tonight. Well, in fact, I don't know anything about him but trust enough the little he told me about his musical carreer.

The whole pub began to laugh. I wasn't stressed anymore.

- Anyway, to proove you that music is about trust, I'll take the risk to sing tonight.

Taking the microphone in one hand, I heard a whistling in the back of the room. I looked at my partner in crime and something happened. He gave me enough strength to answer:

- Already thank you for this enthusiasm, Sir.

Maybe it wasn't about alcohool. Maybe, after all, it was about this unknown mysterious singer. I put my hand on his shoulder while he played the first notes. And eventually, I began:

Made a wrong turn once or twice
Dug my way out, blood and fire
Bad decisions, that's alright
Welcome to my silly life

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Dear Diary

Dim 18 Sep - 21:09

Surely, she wasn’t so hard to convince. I could see in her eyes the excitment and the fright she could feel. I felt just the same before getting on stage. She smiled and finally gave the tab back. She told me the song she wanted to sing and I made a face, showing I wasn’t really into the major thing.

Well honestly, I don’t know what’s G major… But I have the perfect pitch and I know the song so I just follow, I winked at her.

I finished my drink and followed her onto the stage. I took the guitar back on my laps and checked if it was still well tuned. I was amused to listen to her little speech. She succeeded in making the public laugh and a wide smile appeared on my face. She seemed at ease and I couldn’t appreciate it more. We heard a whistle and before I could protest, she glanced at me, seeking some support and found the strength to respond by herself. I smiled when I heard her. The little girl wasn’t so defenseless after all.

The second she sang, I began to play. I followed her without even wondering what I was playing. I did know the song and kind of felt this way a few years ago. I looked at the beautiful singer. She was a good singer indeed and she had a wonderful voice. I smiled at her once she looked at me. It lasted a few seconds then I closed my eyes. It was just guitar and voice but I was moving my foot at the rhythm of the battery I could here in my head. During the chorus I couldn’t help but join her. I looked at her and she could see in my eyes that I couldn’t help. I smiled and kept on playing.

The song then ended and with no surprise, we were applauded. I meant, she was applauded. She did most of the work. I looked at her and applauded myself to congratulate her. I put the guitar back on its socle again and came closer to the blond. I took her hand and raised it through the air before bending over to salute the audience. I then put my arm around her shoulder and led her back to our table.

Well I must confess you have a wonderful voice. If you’re willing to make it your life, I can help, I paused, realizing that it could look like a bad way to hit on her. I’m serious, I used to play in a band and I still have some contacts.

I knew it didn’t work for me, at all, but maybe it could work for her. In a way, I got used to the portray of the under-rated artist. I waved at the waited for him to bring another glass for both of us.
Piichou (c) 2015 -
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Dear Diary

Lun 19 Sep - 21:41

Come on and sing!
Maxim & Grace

During the first sentences of the song, I felt my voice thrilling a being a bit hoarse for a while, which gave the balade some jazzy style.
But I made it burst out of my lungs during the main theme, keeping a certain control on the different notes.

Pretty, pretty please, don't you ever, ever feel
Like you're less than fucking perfect
Pretty, pretty please, if you ever, ever feel
Like you're nothing, you're fucking perfect to me

While I was reaching the highest notes, I looked at my guitarist. The man about who I knew nearly nothing. The man who considered himself as the best singer of Faithlorn and even behaved as a star would have.
Who was he really?
The alcohool was not acting on me anymore and when I went on with singing the second verse, he joined me for the choir. I was fascinated by his foot beating in the original rythm of the drum.
His deep voice, just following mine, made me forget the rest. When I was on a stage, with him, his eyes looking at me...I was more powerful than the rest of the world.
When the song ended, I really thought what I was saying. This vibe was fucking perfect to me, just as the guy I had been singing with. The whole pub showed a great enthusiasm and I felt completely exhilarated.
My unknown artist took my hand and rose it, embraced in his.
We eventually came back to our chairs and I had to make huge efforts to stay calm.
He spoke first :

-Well I must confess you have a wonderful voice. If you’re willing to make it your life, I can help. I’m serious, I used to play in a band and I still have some contacts.

My face was immediately lightened by his words.

-Oh, would you?

I had never been so happy in my entire life. I had finally found someone who recognize my passion and my talent.
Then, I looked at my outfit and remembered. I already had a future. A mission. This was not about arts but about " a real living". Even though I was studying litterature in Edinburgh, I knew my new job in the familial company would become the unique one, in a few months.
My family decides everything and there is definitely no "fate" for me.

- Well, in fact, I would be very honoured but... But I can't.

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Dear Diary

Lun 26 Sep - 2:21

I proposed Blondie to help her realize her dreams if singing was. She seemed to really like the idea as her face brightened. I smiled seeing her so delighted. But as she looked down at her clothes, the brightness disappeared. I frowned. I could understand quite easily that her life in Faithlorn prevented her from doing such a thing as singing for a living. I frowned even more. I couldn’t bare the fact that a life would stifle you so much that you couldn’t do what you liked the most.

I took a sip of the new beer that had arrived on our table and lit another cigarette, proposing one to the young lady. I couldn’t stop frowning, thinking about her situation that in a way, reminded me my own.

How the hell you can’t ?! No matter what holds you back in Faithlorn, no matter who does it, you should do whatever you want to do ! You’re 21, right ? I hope, I paused, still frowning, wondering if she was, So you should do what the fuck you want to do !

Yeah, I was living in a world where responsibilities and duties had no place. I was living in a dream. A dream where I was living with my mom and drinking a lot to forget that I was a failed composer and songwriter. I bit my lip, realizing that I was no more talking on her behalf.

I’m sorry but… I really think that you should whatever you want to and not just be who daddy or mommy wants you to be.

My tone was calmer as I took another sip of my beer. Maybe I was to meet someone like her to realize that they were things more important than living in a dream. As a start, I should call my sisters to apologize to her. Especially to Laureen, my twin.
Piichou (c) 2015 -

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Dear Diary

Mar 27 Sep - 15:52

Come on and sing!
Maxim & Grace

I had just time enough to finish my last sentence that the young man already looked revolted. I ever feared for the new beer on the table because of his current temper. The singer had lit another cigarette. Alcohool and tobacco; the remedies of the artistic ones. His whole life seemed so rebellious and rock'n roll to me.
He nearly screamed the first words:

- How the hell you can’t ?! No matter what holds you back in Faithlorn, no matter who does it, you should do whatever you want to do ! You’re 21, right ? So you should do what the fuck you want to do !

I couldn't help but laughing a bit. It was very kind from him to try to defend my interests. But it was easier to say than to do. My whole destiny had been decided years before my birth. Everything my family do is on purpose and will always be. Buisinness, money and productivity will always be the main mantras. And the worst thing is that I'm a part of their business. Or should I say, our business.
As a heir, I couldn't leave the bargain. The media just began to show some interest to me, I had already given a few interview in which I had always been considered as the young Boyd-Brooks heir and never as a human being.
My world wasn't mine at all. It had nothing to do with duty. It had to do with survival in an competing environment.
My new friend calmed down a bit :

- I’m sorry but… I really think that you should whatever you want to and not just be who daddy or mommy wants you to be.

I stopped laughing a bit.

-Dear, it's not that easy. "Whatever the fuck I want" means nothing in the world I'm supposed to live. My age doesn't matter. It's not about my parents, even though they can sometimes be a part of it. It's like a a big mechanism in which I'm driven by gears.


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Dear Diary

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