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Welcome to Brooks Accoutancy Grace Brooks!

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God save the Queen

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What about me
My total of posts : 139
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I arrived in Faithlorn on : 31/10/2015

Brooke Elliott
# Relationships #
- My sons : 2 twins
Credit(s) : NightNgel & Tumblr
My other Faces : Logan Brooks, Rowan T.Winstons, John Brooks, Audrey Duval


MessageSujet: Welcome to Brooks Accoutancy Grace Brooks! Sam 15 Oct - 0:05

Welcome to Brooks Accoutancy Grace Brooks!
Takes pleasure to make your job we will go far.

Today is a special one.There's a new arrival in Brooks Accountancy. : Grace Brooks. we're hosting a special colleague. She is Katie's daughter and John's granddaughter. Katie and John are Brooks Accountancy associates. Grace is taking human resources job. Our associates are doing an important meeting this morning that's why Juliet is in charge of hosting Grace.

Juliet is in charge of the IT service. Accountancy is not her best ability. She knows the essential to let her makes her job. Juliet arrives early because she needs to work before the accountants arrival. She receives an alert on her phone. There's a problem with a server. Grace will arrive at nine o'clock. The assistant  will be arrived. Juliet let her a message and takes her phone with her. She goes to the technical room and check what happened. A hard-disk is dead during the night. She change the piece of the server. Once it's done, Juliet made some actions to let it available for accountants. Thanks to her backup they only loose two hours of work with this crash. Everything is done. Juliet makes some others controls. Her phone starts ringing and finally becomes quiet. Juliet looks at the hour. The first accountants are arrived.They can now use their IT access. Juliet send a mail to inform about the restoration. She will now try to restore data but she needs to analyse what should be repair or not. She close everything and leave the room. She join the reception. There's a blond hair girl, probably Grace. Juliet says hello to the assistant and takes a pass for the new employee. Then she join the young girl.

-"Hello, Grace?"

I give my hand for shaking hers.

Piichou (c) 2015 -



Famille d'accueil
La famille, source de délices, est aussi parfois la source des plus atroces douleurs. - Henri Frederic Amiel
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Welcome to Brooks Accoutancy Grace Brooks!

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