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Graham Jacob - Colin O'Donoghue

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What about me
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I arrived in Faithlorn on : 11/12/2016

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MessageSujet: Graham Jacob - Colin O'Donoghue Dim 11 Déc - 23:31

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Graham Jacob
please, discover my briography
Name Surname Nickname Age Birth date Birth place Nationality Marital Status Sexuality Mother's Name Father's Name Activity Graham Jacob Mister G 31 ans March 1st 1984 Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon French Single and ready to mingle Heterosexual Legrand Jacob Trying to finish his Bachelor of Education

What I like, hate or love

First thing to know is that Graham never really grew up. Sure when he need to, he will behave like an adult. For god sake he IS an adult. But usually he will let his heart decide what to do. No wonder why then that he's still single and got no job at thirty-one! It's not that it make him a bad guy however but people around him generally think at first that he have some bad case of ADHD: Acting first and thinking after. He always has energy at ten pm like at four in the morning. He never simply "walk" to a destination choosing instead to use a technics that he affectionately called "walk like the devil just forbid you to run" that is a mix between fast-walking and slow-running and can only be achieve by someone who have long way too long legs like him. Some may even say they've seen him flying but they're just jealous of his wonderful technic, or, yes, a little crazy if you ask him his opinion.

He loves to get in heated argument with whoever want to participate with him. Getting crazy over the facts that if you get out the only phone booth in the city then where Superman's going to change his clothes is a prime example of his way to deal with said argument. And if he doesn't win he will probably throw a tantrum or simply ignore you for a while.

If you did not already realize, Graham has a twisted sense of humor and likes sarcasm. He will never hurt someone with it but he likes to see the good things in life and love to have a good laugh. He also loves to help people when they need it, he knows that he has some flaw ( and when he say some it's an understatement )but being selfish is not, and will never be, one of them. Bohemian like his father, he doesn't really like to stay in one place too long. That's probably the main reason he dropped his bachelor of education only months before his graduation, he even had done his training! He had realized this life was too boring for the hyperactive young boy he still was. He wanted to see the world, be a better person and maybe discover things about himself.

See him like a modern Peter Pan but a sexier one.

Behind the screen
Hey you ! Who are you?
Surname Nickname Age Nationality --- Elichou, Lily etc. 24 Canada

How did you know this forum? Sur PRD si ma mémoire ne me trahis pas.

Your celebrity for your avatar:
Colin O'Donoghue

Anything else? No thanks, I've already said too much

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God save the Queen

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What about me
My total of posts : 541
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I arrived in Faithlorn on : 07/09/2015

I'm currently living in : Manchester where I own my shop, Adhi's shop
Simply me

About my Life

In french for this part only - Elle a 29 ans depuis le 1er novembre 2015 ► Sa famille est arrivée d'Inde depuis cinq générations ► Elle aime sa famille mais leur ment sur son métier ► Elle n'a eu que deux petits amis dans sa vie dont un quand elle avait 6 ans ► Elle déteste qu'on la force à faire quelque chose qu'elle ne veut pas et peut décider de faire tout son contraire ► Comme sa famille, elle est très fier de ses origines ► Elle était très douée dans les études mais n'a pas pu faire ce qu'elle voulait ► Enfant elle avait peur des monstres, elle se pose encore la question de leur existence par moment ► Elle sait danser de manière traditionnelle et participe parfois à des manifestations dans sa communauté ► Elle possède une boutique dans le fameux et célèvre centre Arndale

Elle est plusieurs fois tata et adore ses neveux et nièces ► Ils sont huit frères et soeurs dans la famille d'Adhira et elle est l'avant-avant dernière ► Elle était amoureuse d'un jeune homme anglais lorsqu'elle avait 22 ans malheureusement celui-ci l'a trompée après trois ans de relation ► Elle adore le thé et en boit au moins deux à trois tasses par jour ► Elle est toujours souriante même dans les pires moments.

My Relationships

Philip Dyers: J'ai rencontré Philip lors d'une soirée arrosée, le deuxième jour de la nouvelle année. Je n'aurais jamais imaginé qu'une rencontre puisse bouleverser autant ma vie. Ce soir là, il m'a traité comme une véritable princesse. Jamais un homme n'avait eu de geste aussi attentionné envers moi. Aucun de nous ne se rend vraiment compte de ce qui se passe pour le moment.

Ann Rosenwood: Lorsque Philip et moi nous nous sommes rencontrés on s'est tout de suite plu. Seulement les choses entre nous ne sont pas simples de par nos origines mais aussi de par notre entourage. Ann est l'ex fiancée de Philip. Elle est complètement histérique ! Je ne sais pas ce que donnera l'avenir mais je sens qu'elle ne me facilitera pas les choses.
My origins
Credit(s) : (c) Piichou, Tumblr
My other Faces : Lizbeth, Sylvia, Sonniya, Sarah & Agatha

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MessageSujet: Re: Graham Jacob - Colin O'Donoghue Mer 14 Déc - 21:42

Hey hello Graham Wink Okay, thanks for your answer Smile
I added you first to "20 days in England" but you can make an english RP test to be added in the "God save the Queen" group, as you will discover it into the links.



Welcome to my world ! Adhi's Shop, somewhere you can find anything you want. I think you already saw it, I'm Indian from origins and proud to be.
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I'm a Wellington's Family guest

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What about me
My total of posts : 104
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I arrived in Faithlorn on : 30/08/2016

14th February 1993 / 23 yo / Russian / Free / 28th February 2016 / 20 days in England / Barmaid / Born in Saint-Petersburg, I always lived there. I wasn't a good student and I never had my exams. I work as barmaid since 2011. / I have a grand family and lots of brothers and sisters. I never really loved anybody. I love drinking tea but hate coffee. I like eating watermelon, playing with snow, going outside, feeling cold on my skin.

Credit(s) : Have a look on the avatar & signature - found on

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MessageSujet: Re: Graham Jacob - Colin O'Donoghue Mar 20 Déc - 21:56

Welcome among us Graham What a Face



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What about me

MessageSujet: Re: Graham Jacob - Colin O'Donoghue

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Graham Jacob - Colin O'Donoghue

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