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Spain in my luggage

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I'm a Hodgson's Family guest

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What about me
My total of posts : 131
My Pounds (£) : 448
I arrived in Faithlorn on : 20/11/2016

This is my face

andrea duro


MessageSujet: Spain in my luggage Jeu 5 Jan - 17:29

Carmen arrives in England by the Ferry. She takes the train to join Faithlorn. She spend some times in a park. She is here in advance. She wants to understand the accent before to start university in Manchester. She walks to her foster family's home. She's happy because she will discover new people. She thinks that the working day is probably end for Mrs Hodgson. Carmen only knows her name. Is there anybody else in the home? She will discover it soon. She is dragging her wheeled suitcase behind her with her right hand. She's using her other hand to have a look on the town's map. She's finally arrived in front of her new home. She rings the bell. She has some sangria and Spanish beer in her luggage. The door is open. Carmen smiles and says hello. She's sure that her Spanish accent is very present.

-# Hello, I'm Carmen, nice to meet you.



Spain, my country
A good beginning, makes a good ending.
I leave Spain to discover another part of the world. I arrives in Faithlorn. I'm a student in literary.•°¤ Mags.
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Please call me Mister Mayor

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What about me
My total of posts : 621
My Pounds (£) : 811
I arrived in Faithlorn on : 07/06/2015

I'm currently living in : Faithlorn
This is my face - David Tennant
# My relationships : #

My name is Logan Brooks. I'm Faithlorn's mayor. I want to introduce my relationships. If you want to know more please look my links topic.

# My family #
- My Daughter : Grace Mary Brooks -

- My ex-wife: Katie T. Boyd -

- My brother: Jack Brooks -

- My father : John Brooks -

- My future wife xD Lizbeth Hodgson -

- My future mother in law Sylvia Hodgson -

# My friends #
-A very good friend, Agatha Edenfield

- Un ami, Philip Dyers -

# My enemies #

Ethan Fawkes

# Other relationships #
- A young I host in Faithlorn, Koon Lee Lyn -

All things come to him who waits!
Credit(s) : Piichou
My other Faces : Juliet Wellington - Rowan T. Winstons - John Brooks - Audrey Duval

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All about my objects & Inventary:

MessageSujet: Re: Spain in my luggage Lun 13 Mar - 19:30

Archivé à la demande de carmen.



In too much discourse, truth is lost.

Welcome to Faithlorn !

Spare the rod and spoil the child

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Spain in my luggage

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