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Kim Jae Sun

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I'm a Hodgson's Family guest

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What about me
My total of posts : 27
My Pounds (£) : 43
I arrived in Faithlorn on : 01/02/2017

This is my face

South Korean × 23 years old × Former Kpop idol, he spent 8 years in an agency and was a member of the idol group Nice Guys for almost 4 years, he retired from entertainment officially due to health issues (exhaustion) but mostly because his agency and bandmate found out he is gay and wanted to avoid a scandal × he came to London to start over, he has few fans in UK but no one knows he is here and he keeps low profil × he is currently learning english and plan to stay here for a while ×

Credit(s) : Nelliel


MessageSujet: Kim Jae Sun Ven 3 Fév - 22:52

Jae Sun
Text me whenever you want !

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Kim Jae Sun

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