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The beginning Feat. Juliet Wellington (In progress)

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MessageSujet: The beginning Feat. Juliet Wellington (In progress) Sam 11 Fév - 14:39

« The beginning »

Akiko had forgotten the weight of his suitcase. It did not seem to her that it was so heavy when she left her country. Maybe it was because she was tired by the trip or ... Maybe things are heavier in England? It was the first time that the girl left Japan and all seemed to him strange and new.

In any case, whether it be the faces of the people around her, the sounds that reached her ears or the signs and posters all around her, ALL, absolutely everything proved to her that she was no longer at home ! Akiko could not help but feel a slight nausea. Fortunately, she recovered quickly and, not knowing where to go, merely followed the crowd hoping that it would take her to the right place.

After several minutes of walking, a queue was formed. Much smaller than the majority of people around her, the lady could not see why people were waiting. It was only after interminable minutes that she found herself before the customs officer and finally understood. She gave her papers and then passed. Akiko had finally become an English resident!

This joy was short. Now, she need to find the person who would nicely accommodate him in his new life. The young woman would not know how she looked, she just had a name: Juliet Wellington. Nevertheless, she shows that her arrival is spent in the movies she had watched on the plane to pass the time: we waited in the lobby of the airport, a sign in the hand where her Name and surname was written. The heart of the damsel was beating, she would soon know if reality was like in the movies ... Or not.  

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MessageSujet: Re: The beginning Feat. Juliet Wellington (In progress) Mer 15 Fév - 19:42

The beginning
Welcome in Wellington's foster family

Juliet realizes that she is in March. January and February are over. Some young people leaves her home. The city hall gives her few new names and the date of their arrival. She is not a foster family since a long time. Her twins were two young before. She's still so happy to welcome new people in her home. Being with young people coming from all the world is a good thing. It's a true benefit for Juliet and her children. She loves travelling and discovers her new potential destinations by having a discussion with her guests.

For once she will host the youngs by herself. She doesn't take the services of the association's employee. She spend the morning in Manchester with a customer. She takes her car and drives to the airport. Some of her guests are with her. Twins are at a friend's birthday. She parks her car with some difficulties. There's lot of people. She takes her hand bag. She walks faster and join the hall where Akiko's plane arrives. She has a discussion with some members of her foster family and takes a tablet in her hand bag. She writes the first name and family name of her guest and launch the automatic translation. We can now see on the screen the name written in both languages. She blocks the veil of the tablet and waits for Akiko's arrival. She doesn't know lot of things and is curious to discover her new guest. People arrives. Juliet smiles and use her tablet as a sign. When most people were arrived. Juliet says very hardly.

-" Wellington's family, I'm looking for Akiko Jundo."

She's looking for the new member of her foster family. Akiko arrives near her. Juliet smiles and ask if she makes a good travel.

-" Hello Akiko, my name is Juliet. Do you make a good travel?"

Piichou (c) 2015 -



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The beginning Feat. Juliet Wellington (In progress)

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