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Dishes time

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God save the Queen

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What about me
My total of posts : 239
My Pounds (£) : 542
I arrived in Faithlorn on : 21/08/2016

I'm currently living in : Faithlorn
This is my face

- 1963 : Naissance de Mark Hodgson
- 1975 : Premier job à Paris chez un coucin éloigné
- 1977 : Retour à Faithlorn
- 1978 : Premier amour : Mary
- 1979 : premier chagrin d'amour : Mary
- 1980 : Rencontre de Sylvia quelques jours avant ses 18 ans, coup de foudre
- 1980 : Mark se décide à faire évoluer sa relation avec Sylvia après quelques mois seulement poussé par son meilleur ami Julian.
- 1981 : Permis voiture en poche + Acquisition de la Renault 16
- 1983 : La relation avec Sylvia est beaucoup moins platonique
- 1985 : emménagement avec Sylvia à Manchester
- Février 1985 : Naissance des jumeaux Laureen et Maxim
- Eté 1985 : Mariage de Sylvia et Mark
- 1988 : Naissance de Lizbeth
- 1988 : Création de mon entreprise: Future In Your Hands
- 1995 : Naissance d'Emma
- 1998 : Début de liaison avec Evannah
- 2000: Demande de divorce déclenchée et Naissance de Beth
- 2002 : Divorce prononcé entre Sylvia et Mark
- 2003 : Naissance de Sarah
- Ete 2006 : Mariage de Evannah et Mark
- 2007 : Naissance des jumeaux Christopher et Dylan
- 2015 : Décès du père de Mark
- 2016 : Déménagement à Faithlorn, la mère de Mark est gravement malade.

Sa famme : Evannah Hodgson
Son ex femme : Sylvia Hodgson
Ses enfants :
- Maxim Hodgson
- Laureen Hodgson
- Lizbeth Hodgson
- Emma Hodgson
- Beth Hodgson
- Sarah Hodgson
- Christopher Hodgson
- Dylan Hodgson

Ses frères et soeurs : UC
My other Faces : Gavin Hawke


MessageSujet: Dishes time Dim 23 Avr - 0:03

Dishes time
Just after the new mayor party

All the little family is coming back from the new mayor party. Mister Logan Brooks is the Faithlorn's new mayor now. There should be a familial drama without the intervention of the security guy. All members of the Hodgson family are not perfect friends. Mark needs to protect his son of his stupidity. He tries to contact his half-sister. The problem is that Mark is not still in contact with his four first children. He parks the car in the alley. He turn it off. He follows his wife inside. They all eat something like a breakfast because they were angry. Mark send all children in their room. They need to sleep now. He keeps Christopher an instant and has a discussion with him. He understand now why he made this. He send him on his room too. He understand that Evannah wants to say something. She starts dishes. Mark prefers to see her angrier on this plate than on himself. He takes a dishcloth and join her to help.

- Do you have something to say darling?

He put the plate on the cupboard and take another one.

Piichou (c) 2015 -



I think that Faithlorn is very much like a little town. I find there's humour in the air and people are interesting. And I think that it's a place which is constantly surprising. The worst thing about it? I think it can be smug and aggressive due to a part of my family.
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God save the Queen

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What about me
My total of posts : 45
My Pounds (£) : 70
I arrived in Faithlorn on : 20/12/2016

This is my face

Credit(s) : On the avatar + Tumblr pour les gifs


MessageSujet: Re: Dishes time Ven 9 Juin - 15:24

There are a few times ago we arrived in Faithlorn but this night was a terrible one for our family, and my plan. I knew Sylvia was living in this place but I didn't really think she could be a problem nor the rest of her children. Christopher did something this night and he could start a war between our families.

As I arrive in the house, I take the wash liquid and get the water to fill the sink. I start the washing-up. We didn't have the time to do it when we left hours ago. Mark arrives and takes a dishcloth to wipe the clean dishes. He asks me about something to say. I put one of the plates next to the sink and turn around.

- Something to say? Oh no, this evening was a really good one Mark, don't you think?

I turn around for the second time and continue to wash the dishes with a certain strength. I hate this kind of evenings and sometimes I hate my children for being what they are ...



Past is never gone forever
On ne peut rien prévoir. Les choses arrivent quand on s'y attend le moins. Le passé ressurgit.

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Dishes time

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