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Second part of the evening at the pub # Juliet

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God save the Queen

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MessageSujet: Second part of the evening at the pub # Juliet Sam 29 Avr - 22:19

Gavin and Juliet were at the new mayor's party. He shakes some hands and end a cocktail with her. She said "I said a dynamic city not a bedroom one.". He smiles. He deserve this comment. Thanks for him he has finished his cocktail. He has finished to drink it before she said anything.  He takes Juliet hand in his. They leaves the party.He asks her until when the baby-sitter is there. She said that her twins are sleeping in a friend home. Nice they are like teenagers but without any limits on their hours. He also asks her where she wants to go. He thinks to the cinema or the opera but they couldn't have a discussion there. They takes the car in the car parking. Gavin drives to his favorite pub as requested by the lady.

-We're arrived!

He parks the car in a secure place. It's one of the last sportive one. He's not a crazy man. He wants to find it after. He leaves the car and open the door for Juliet.

-You will see lot of people here. Welcome to my city! It's one of my favorites places.

They enters in the pub.

-We can play billiards or darts or just have a drink as you want.

He will spend more time with her. Most of his customers still are at the party. he choose the furthest pub to stay tranquil and alone with Juliet.



I wouldn't change anything!
This is the best feeling This innocence is brilliant I hope that it will stay This moment is perfect Please don't go away I need you now.

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Second part of the evening at the pub # Juliet

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